Hire Terms


Booking and enquiries

If you would like to book equipment to hire please contact us with your requirements. We will quote you for the hire either by email or over the phone. Once this has been agreed upon we will book the equipment out for you. We will require a name and telephone number for the booking. Payment is due on collection of equipment not at the time of booking. If you need to cancel please give us as much notice as possible. If a booking has been made well in advance we will usually call a few days before to confirm. We occasionally offer delivery – please enquire for a quote on this. If you require the equipment to be delivered, the booking procedure is the same however we require payment 24 hours prior to delivery date. Should you require an invoice for your hire, please ask us, we can provide one on request.


Our requires

In order to hire from us, we require;

Photo and address ID; this can be a driver’s license or passport with utility bill or bank statement dated within the last three months

A deposit of 100% of the hire cost is required in addition to the hire payment. This deposit will be refunded when equipment is returned and checked by one of our engineers.

We will require the name of the venue the equipment is being used at. We also will take car number plates


Your responsibilities

You are responsible for the equipment you hire, please do not leave it unattended or overnight at a venue or in a vehicle. If any equipment is returned damaged or not returned at all, you will be expected to replace like for like or pay the full market value within 7 days.


We will arrange at the time of hiring a convenient time for the equipment to be returned to us

• We do not open before 12 noon.

• We will arrange with you a 2 hour window to bring the equipment back eg 12pm – 2pm

• If there are circumstances that do not allow you to bring the equipment back during this time please contact us and let us know

• We reserve the right to keep the deposit if equipment is delivered late, this is entirely discretionary – a simple phone call is normally all we need to avoid charges.

• If there are missing accessories we will recoup the cost out of the deposit, a general guide on costs for this;


  •  mic leads/ guitar leads                 £8 each
  •  amp/ cab speaker leads               £5 each
  •  power cables                                  £5 each
  •  Speakon Cables                            £15 each
  •  Power extension cables                £10 each
  •  microphones                                 £30 - £100 depending on make and model
  •  mic stand                                      £25 each
  •  clutch                                            £12 each
  •  drumkey                                          £3 each


Stayfree cables and accessories are all clearly labelled. If you were to find the missing cable and return in to us at a later date, we will return the remainder of the deposit.


We provide a checklist of equipment when there are multiple components e.g PAs and drum kits so it’s easy when packing down at the end of the event


Our responsibilities

We will have checked and tested the equipment prior to collection, we will demonstrate to you how to use/ set up the equipment and/or give you the opportunity to test yourself before taking the equipment with you.


On the rare occasion that the piece of equipment you have booked has displayed a fault we will replace like for like to the best of our ability. Our equipment is used and maintained regularly but we cannot guarantee that any item booked in advance will be available on the day of hire. In this circumstance we will inform you in advance. If we have had to upgrade the equipment for fulfill the order we will not charge any more


Unforeseen circumstances

If you hire equipment and due to circumstances beyond your control on longer need it (for example the gig has been cancelled) we will, at our discretion offer you a refund minus £10 admin fee. In these circumstances we would generally expect the kit to be returned to us, unused, within 2 hours of hire to qualify.


If on the very rare occasion a piece of equipment breaks down whilst on hire, we may at our discretion be able to replace on-site. We reserve the right to determine the circumstances of the breakdown, whether accidental, misuse or general use. If we find the equipment has been misused or damaged we will expect compensation and described above. If it’s a situation of general use we may at our discretion offer a full or part refund of the hire.


We do not refund on broken drum skins, sticks or guitar strings. If you are concerned we recommend you buy extras from our shop at the time if hire.


If you have any concerns about the equipment you hired from us, for example how to set it up at the venue, please call us on 0116 2230303 and an engineer will talk you through any issues you have.