Loyalty Card Scheme


Claim your free hour of rehearsal time to use anytime in any room. Worth up to £14!


Please ask at reception to sign up to our Loyalty Card Scheme


Get 1 stamp for every hour you pay for


Fill in the book with 8 stamps


Hand in the full book at the start of your

rehearsal to pay for one hour of your booked time


Remember to ask for a new book when the old one is full


You can save the full books up and use multiples to

get yourself a completely free rehearsal!


Why you choose Stayfree


We are a team of local artists and musicians dedicated to serving our local music community. We are entirely independent and are proud that everything we have built at Frog Island is from providing rehearsals facilities for thousands of local musicians over the past 25 years.


Over this time we are confident that we know what it takes to provide great rehearsal rooms;


  • We pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service, we are always available for advice or help setting up – that’s what we’re here for

  • Our rooms are all unique in decoration and equipment set up, we like to give our customers as many options as possible

  • We are always investing in new equipment to accommodate a wide range of sounds and style

  • We want to give our customers value added service, with our spares shop, equipment hire, hot and cold drinks, snacks and beer

  • We are always available for emergencies, that last minute gig requirements – who you gonna call?

  • We are flexible., we know how difficult it can be managing 4 or 5 peoples schedules so if plans change just let us know. We don't charge upfront and we don't charge cancellation fees

  • We understand that with hourly rehearsal rooms, time is money, we have a bank of equipment available should anything go wrong, the receptionist is able to replace equipment immediately.

  • We respect our customer’s privacy, rehearsal time is a private creative process and we will never put cameras in the rooms or record rehearsals.

  • We believe the core ingredient to running rehearsal rooms is to provide a local music community, we are dedicated to supporting Leicester’s musicians and artists and giving everyone whether 15 or 50 a solid safe place to enjoy being a musician and all it has to offer.